4 Nov 2008

frustration levels

We're going through another patch where Enya is being very difficult to feed. She threw up on Z last night and me this morning. Almost every meal now she is retching such that we clear the area around her "just in case". Initially we thought it was due to the texture but she retches even if it is completely smooth, then the thickness but again even if we make it very thin she will retch, size of the spoonful is also not the cause, SO WTF is it ?!? She also is taking longer and longer to swallow the spoonfuls she does accept in her mouth. I mean come on we have now been trying to introduce textures for almost 6 months, she has been eating solids for 8 months. When does this get easier? We're lucky to get her to eat 300g in a day, which I know in comparison to some is a lot but it is such a fight to get her to eat these 300g that I sometimes just skip a meal to avoid the stress and aggravation. Ciara continues to eat everything we give her and look for seconds which underlines how little Enya eats even more.

I'm still preparing all their meals myself but I'm thinking of stopping and going to jar foods as at least if I then throw away a half full bowl,it's not something I've spent hours preparing for her.

In case you're thinking well at least she is still drinking her milk, she isn't! I'm lucky to get 350ml of liquids in total down her in a day. She is back to being very difficult to bottle feed and sippy cups just don't do it for Enya. She will take max 3-4 sips from a normal beaker and then she refuses that too.

Z once said if I wanted to take a week away he'd happily look after the girls by himself, it's getting to the stage where I'm going to take him up on that offer. My frustration levels are rising with every meal and I've just put the girls to bed because to be honest I don't trust myself around Enya right now. I know intellectually that Enya is not doing this deliberately but that doesn't help in the middle of one of our feeding fights.

Unfortunately the chances of getting any competent help or advice is remote, the SLT at our local hospital was incompetent and beyond useless when we went to him for bottle feeding trouble, the ESKB (behavioural team) were not much better and our paediatrician doesn't see that we have a problem, " she'll eat when she is hungry" (she doesn't) and "in 2 years time she'll be as big as her sister" (ha die ha ha)are his idea of help.

I need a break from this!!


Cathy said...

Clearly Enya and Daniel are in cahoots.

Is she getting more teeth? Daniel threw up a lot (lot lot lot) more as he was getting teeth. TOo much extra saliva making him gag.

I wish I had better advice, but, you know, I just dropped calorie levels on my kid so he'd drink enough to stay hydrated, and I have to call for his next surgery as soon as the dr's reopen after lunch.

Take the vacation - you have EARNED IT. (Take me with you?)

Cathy said...

I just had a thought about Enya's lack of eating.

Wait, two thoughts.

A) Does she have a breathing problem? As in, when she drinks, especially from a bottle, can she breathe ok? Could she associate drinking a larger quantity with NOT being able to breathe? That would be a pretty big turn off.

B) What kind of milk is she drinking these days? Is it too dense for her to digest? Does she seem to digest ok? Like, it comes back out the other end in a reasonable and timely fashion? She seems hungry at appropriate intervals? Etc?

I may not be able to solve MY kid's problems, but I can offer assvice on yours!

Nix said...

Thanks Cathy, in answer to your ideas: No she doesn't have any breathing trouble. We took her off the Anti reflux formula as she was refusing it and she is on normal formula, her digestion is fine and she is as regular as clockwork (unlike her older sister;0)). The gagging and retching is really only when we are feeding her solids, she never retches or vomits after meals or when drinking. She also retchs during the meals when she only gets solids so I doubt it is reflux. She has been doing this for the past 2-3 weeks and it seems to be getting worse, she is now retching even with meals or consistencies that were safe.