17 Nov 2008

Toy bazaar

I think I'm getting addicted to bazaar bargain hunting. This weekend there was a toy bazaar in a nearby town so off I went. This time I dragged Z with (and naturally the girls too). All I wanted was a bobby car, I've been looking for a secondhand one for ages and I finally found it. Usually they are red but the one we got is a yellow ADAC (german version of the RAC/AA), it looks like it's seen a few crashes but is still in good working order and will hopefully see our two through the next 2 years. Enya enjoys being pushed around on it but is still too short to balance properly on it (her feet don't touch the ground), Ciara trys to push herself on it unfortunately she has still to get out of the reverse gear ;0).

We also got a child's rocking chair (I just need to make a seat cushion for it), some wooden cars and a couple of books. All of this for less than the bobby car would cost new! Of course the way things are going now with C and E we will probably need a second one as they are not into sharing!

Ciara has decided that Enya is her walking aid and will hold onto Enya clothing while Enya is trying to crawl away. Important is that Enya is trying to get away as that means she can walk using Enya as her support. Enya objects strenuously to this past time and that just makes it more fun for Ciara. As Ciara outweighs Enya by about 2 kg, she can hold Enya down as long as she wants and Enya can't free herself. I foresee judo in Enya's future! Along the same lines and provoking the same response Ciara has also taken to hugging her little sister. She's not to fussy what she hugs: head; chest or bottom, important again is the response it provokes.

I make it sound like Enya is an angel and Ciara is a bully (which she is) but I've also seen Enya hitting out at her sister and because she is so quick, steal toys from Ciara and then run away (crawl away) with them. I've also seen both girls give their sister an open mouthed mouth press which is their version of a kiss which is adorable.

Apart from the 2 nights when Enya was in Essen for her eye surgery and the 15 days between Ciara and Enya's release from hospital, the girls have always shared a room and so are used to having the other there when they go to sleep. I have noticed when I put one in to bed alone while I finish getting the other ready, she'll scream and perform until the other is also put into bed, then instant silence. I hope we never have to have one in hospital overnight again!!

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