19 Feb 2008


Today was an early start as we had to be at the neurologist at 8am with Ciara for a control EEG. Enya had one while still in the Kinderklinik and Ciara was supposed to get one as well. Unfortunately despite us asking repeatedly and it being promised to us, it never got done. Thank goodness we've got such a good paediatrician who agreed the EEG was necessary and referred us to a paediatric neurologist.

The advantage of the early appointment was we were seen quickly for the actual EEG and the wait for the follow up discussion was also only an hour. I find for a doctors appointment that was quite acceptable. We were finished by 10am and home in time to help finish Enya's feed (my sister is visiting and she had the dubious pleasure of babysitting and trying to feed Enya)

I was amazed at how well behaved Ciara was during the EEG, she had to sit reletively still for 8 minutes and she managed it (this is the baby who is always wriggling about, they used to "strap" her down in the incubator). They gave us a toy that crackles when you rub it as a distraction and it kept her fascinated for the 8 minutes (we have a similar toy on the playmat at home, which I keep trying to use as distraction during the dreaded tummy time but it had never worked till today. Yup, after the success during the EEG I came directly home and tried it out-25 minutes tummy time with no temper tantrum!!)

We were told the EEG still shows immature activity but nothing to worry about in view of the extreme prematurity. There was no sign of fitting but we are to go back in 6 months for another control.

We are also going in May with Enya as her EEG in hospital showed a tendency to fitting (?) although no actual fits. We personally have seen nothing suspicious since her first week post-discharge but we are told it is better to keep a close eye on them both with regular controls until they are about 3-4 years old.

Tomorrow is another early start, both girls are having an echo to see if they still have an atrial septal defect (ASD-hole between two chambers in the heart). As I said it's all go for the next few weeks.

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