26 Feb 2008

Sleep updated

We decided to be a bit more proactive to ensure we get at least a bit more sleep,so last night we woke both girls up at 10pm for the late night feed. It took a bit of waking, as both of them were soundly asleep, but in the end both woke up and drank their whole bottles.

Ta dum......Ciara slept until 3:45 and Enya until 7:00. Needless to say we are going to keep trying this and I will keep you updated (especially you Jackie, so you know what to expect before your summer visit;-)).


iamza said...

Hee! Hopefully it works for more than one night in a row. How did Lima Bean's weight measurement go on Monday?

Nix said...

Hey Sis.
LB weighed in at 4.4 kg!! She put on 270g in 1 week. Only she is not eating again:-(

iamza said...

Holy cow! That's a lot of grams for such a little kid.

Urgh, annoying that she's stopped eating so well again. I guess maybe this particular growth spurt is over for now?

Good luck for the visit to the prof tomorrow! Maybe he'll only want you to keep the monitor for another month, rather than three. I'll hold thumbs. :-)