22 Feb 2008


I don't know how parents of higher multiples do it. Ciara and Enya are now on completely different schedules even though they are both getting the same number of bottles a day.

During the day I have one awake while the other is fast asleep. They must be telepathic because just as the one drops off the other starts screaming! Right now Enya has just dropped off in her rocker and Ciara is starting to yell.

At night they go to bed at around 19:30 but then Enya wakes for a feed at around midnight and Ciara waits until 02:00 for her last feed. The next feed is usually at around 05:00-06:00 for Enya and Ciara wakes around 07:00. All this means very little quality sleep for the parents. I'm really tired but at the same time I wouldn't give the girls up for all the "sleep" in China.

OK, whinge over, on to more exciting things. I now have two thumbsuckers. Enya has also started sucking her thumb when she is hungry (Ciara started about 2 weeks ago). The only problem is Enya has a overactive gag reflex, so sometimes she starts to retch when she sticks her thumb in her mouth, poor thing. We are not actively encouraging thumb sucking but with Enya it is a bit easier as she can't hold a dummy long in her mouth. The thumb she can't keep losing and we don't have to stand beside her holding it in or fishing it out of her bed.


iamza said...

Hopefully, the girls will start sleeping more in sync soon!


P.S. Soon, I shall take over your clustrmap. Heehee. :-)

Cathy said...

Sounds like our sleep schedule!

Twins are .. uh .. FUN, right? :)