28 Feb 2008


And the result was........


We have to wait for the monitor download to be evaluated before any changes are made. The Prof did say again that Enya is on a "homeopathic" dose of caffeine which makes me think he will definitely be dropping it. We now have to wait until next week and the results/further instructions will be given on the telephone-not sure I like that.

On the upside we also got our RSV immunisation today, as we were at the Kinderklinik with both girls and so were all the materials needed, we should have gotten it tomorrow. It was a bit stressful, as the kids had to have their physio session first (after any immunisations or vaccinations we have to have a 3 day break from physio- a holiday for me) and then we had to run back to the OPD for the injection before the vaccine expired (2 hours). Enya landed up getting fed on our walk through the Klinik.

We had a really good physio session with lots of new things to work on. Our usual physio was sick so we were seen by a different physio, one who had last seen us during our NICU time. She was amazed (says the proud mother) at what our girls can do, especially Enya. Some movements that Enya demonstrated today she said are only expected at 8 months (the girls are 3 months corrected). Our little baby who we were so worried about, due to her grade 3+ IVH (bleed in to a ventricle in the brain), is ahead of her sister in some milestones. I couldn't be prouder. What I liked most about this session was that the physio took the time to see what our girls were doing i.e. the quality of their movements and what activities they could do eg. rolling.

I would say all in all a positive day and I have a free day tomorrow now ;-)


iamza said...

W00T! Great news from the physio side, for Enya! Did the girls demonstrate their escape plan from the dreaded tummy time?

Do you have a week now without the monitor, while you wait to hear the results?

Nix said...
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Nix said...

Oops that'll teach me to proof read before posting.
Everything continues exactly as before with the monitor and caffeine:-(
Both girls demonstrated their escape technique. The physio was very impressed with Enya's control, not so with Ciara who just "fell" onto her back.
Ciara is lying on her tummy throwing a tantrum right now- but not trying to roll. Go figure!!