1 Feb 2008

History 101..part one

Having been kept sane by the blogs I've been reading this past year I finally decided to "put pen to paper" and start my own. I'm Nix, 32 no wait 33 years old (but feel 16) and proud mom to 2 beautiful micro premmie daughters born in August last year.

Introducing my beauties Ciara and Enya.

We'd been TTC for 3 years when it finally worked with injectibles and an IUI (our 3rd attempt). I can still remember the phone call to my doctor's practice where I found out that it was positive and the feeling of utter disbelief. My doctor told me straight off the HCG numbers were very good and the follow up numbers a week later were "climbing like champions".

The next week I was visiting my folks in England when I started to get really bad cramps and spotting, so off to A&E. That's where we were told it was twins.. no, hang on, could be triplets!!! (This was at 6 weeks)

At 7 weeks I landed up at the doctors again due to period like bleeding (heavy period!).This time they saw 2 heartbeats and were able to say definitely "only" twins. I was then told 2 weeks sick leave and if the bleeding stopped I was allowed to go back to work- got to love Germany's medical /social system. My next doctors appointment (8 weeks) I was told there was only one heartbeat and the second sac was just fibrous tissue ie. the embryo had died. Needless to say, tears ensued as I tried to work out what I'd done wrong. 2 weeks later at the next US- Baby 2 was back and I changed doctors.

First thing my new doctor (Dr H.) did was give me a work ban for the rest of the pregnancy (at 12 weeks!)- really got to love Germanys social system- to protect the baby doctors can give the mother a work ban for her pregnancy, she still draws her full wage paid for by the government. He also put me on modified bed rest as I work as a physio in a busy little hospital (lots of lifting!!!!) and had placenta previa and have an incompetent cervix. I guess he thought it was the only way to slow me down. Bed rest=absolute boredom, this is when I discovered blogs in general and IF/Pregnancy blogs in particular.

So fast forward to 24 weeks and 5 days, I suddenly started bleeding again.......to be continued.

got to go the girls are stirring

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