24 Feb 2008


They've discovered their hands and it is adorable. Enya can stare at her left hand for hours. When I walk in to their room after a nap, I often find her lying with the left hand in the air staring at her fist. This pose is similiar to the "flying posture" of superman, especially when she does it in sitting, hence the nickname superbaby!!
They have also started batting toys that are hanging over their playmat, hopefully it won't be too long until they start trying to hold things. Enya has also started making different sounds- up to now she has only cooed. They have also both started rolling from their tummys onto their backs. Ciara started on sunday and Enya 2 days later. I think they started doing this in self defence as I'm very strict about them spending time on their tummy and they loathe it! I checked on a developmental milestones chart and they are bang on the developmental target with regards their adjusted age- they will be 3 months adjusted on Tuesday!!
I have the feeling that in the last few weeks they have really started doing lots more. It fills me with hope that they will come away from their difficult start without a severe disability.

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