10 May 2009


To stop this blog turning in to a whinge fest I decided not to post until I had something positive to say, so here it is....... we are expecting.

Now don't get your knickers in a twist, one of our fish is incubating eggs in her mouth. Considering all the problems we've had with toxin levels in our tank we are very surprised by this but hey okay then.

We celebrated Mother's Day by driving up to Dusseldorf to a shop specialising in East African Cichlides. The girls seemed to enjoy looking at all the fish tanks although they also kept wanting to bang on the glass. I had a great time following Ciara around the store, she would walk up to all the customers and stare at them as if they were also part of the display. If they ignored her then she was not shy about grabbing their leg for attention, thank goodness she is so adorable as no one minded but it's still not on. Enya is feeling a bit under the weather (really nasty cough) and only wanted to be carried (I also don't think she has forgiven me yet for leaving her alone yesterday with her dad while I went to a first aid course for children).

As part of my get well program for my back I'm trying to move a bit more, I am combining this with a training program for the girls. I want them to learn to walk holding my hand, usually when we go walking they keep pulling away or sitting down as they want to do their own thing. Our training program consists of walking around the block holding my hand, they have their harnesses on so even if they do pull away they can't escape. I have been amazed how well this is working, they are now waiting and extending their hands if we do lose contact and seem to really enjoy the exercise and fresh air. Ciara has even fetched her harness and brought it to me to put on to show she wants to get out in the fresh air.


Trish said...

*phew* my heart stopped. You got me!
Congrats on the expected little ones!

iamza said...

Rabbit fish, who knew?! *grin*