4 May 2009

One of those weeks....

.. that really drags on the substance.
That's what we had last week, I'm really hoping this week is the complete opposite, unfortunately I doubt it! Because to name but a few things going on right now...

I'm stuck at home today as I'm waiting for the insurance man to pop around, we've got a slow leak somewhere in the corner of our kitchen ceiling/heating room which we only noticed yesterday. It's obviously been going on a while as we already have mould. It looks like the one side of our kitchen units is going to have to be dismantled as they will have to open the wall up to dry everything out. The last time this happened it took about 3 weeks to dry out and that was with a gas heater blasting on to it, at least this time it is in summer.

The girls are not yet back to normal, we're now dealing with diarrhea. Ciara still has a very poor appetite but at least Enya's has picked up. On the positive side they haven't lost any major weight in the last week ;0).

The aquarium is having problems as well, the nitrites are not being broken down despite a rescue package of bacteria being poured in last Thursday. These are poisonous for the fish in a high enough concentration (which we now have) so now even Z's form of relaxation is turning into a stress for him as he is trying to work out what to do next. The fish that we do have in the tank look like they are also mostly male which is not good as they are very aggressive to another male of the same species (Z bought in both fish types what he thought were 1 male and 3 females and with both types it looks like the ratios are reversed. Unfortunately it is very difficult to catch the fish in our tank due to the number of caves in the rocks)

I know in comparison to some people, our problems are not major but it is all very wearing nonetheless.

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