29 May 2009

Refreshed and renewed

I've had a lovely long break while my folks were here, I feel as if I've had a holiday. My parents kept taking the girls out for walks down to our local bakery or into the forest which gave me all this free time to do a "little" project I've been wanting to get to for ages. Ciara is growing out of her sleeping bags (we have about 8 of them and need them all as the night time deluges continue) so I've been wanting to put some duvets on the girls' beds. Unfortunately all the duvet sets I've found here are either hideous or hideously expensive so instead I made my own.
Work in progress

the finished product

I know it's really bright but so is their room. Two made and two to go! I've even had a friend ask me to make her one for her daughters bed in the same colours!

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