31 May 2009

See they do wear dresses

Ciara pretty in pink

Enya pretty in green

My family all think that C and E never wear dresses, I would just like to prove that occasionally (okay, very occasionally) they do get all dolled up. Thanks mom for the gorgeous dresses!

During our fantastic summer weather we've also been playing with water, C and E love to play in buckets of water, we just have to strip them after as they are absolutely soaked by the end of the fun. Our turkish holiday starts in less than 2 weeks, I'm very excited to see how they react to the sea!

Ciara in her sun hat


iamza said...

So what was the occasion for the dolling up in pink and green?

The girls look adorable! And I love their sun hats. So cute!

Nix said...

How sad is this, I think we had a doctors appointment!