14 May 2009

Pictures again

Not a lot to say as I'm "very busy" getting things ready (read clean and tidy) for my folks arriving tonight, instead some photos from the last few weeks.

Ciara- but I'll let you name this photo
It's a really cute photo but all the titles I came up with sounded inane so please give me a few suggestions

Baby jail

The reason why our chicc.o play table has had the legs taken off it

P.S. No tantrum photos as Ciara hasn't thrown any major tants in the last few days.. who knew that threatening to publish photos on the internet was enough to keep her in line. I will have to remember that for the future.


iamza said...

Potential caption: Baby-Hulk smash!?

I think my favourite picture, though, has to be Ciara looking forlornly out of her baby gaol. :-D

P.S. Have a good visit!

Stacy said...

conner does the same thing...climbs in to the table...so much that we had to take it out of the room!! glad we aren't the only ones! your girls are getting so big. they don't look like babies at all anymore.