29 May 2009

My 2 week break in pictures

Our kitchen wall being ripped down as a result of the leak from hell

The girla are playing together more and more, here playing "duz" where they bump heads together, don't ask me ask my husband he started this one!

Ciara has learnt to take off her PJ's

Enya has a new friend, her duck. She loves running with the duck literally flying behind her. Unfortunately he is already looking very battered as he gets dragged along outside and rarely with his wheels on the ground. For the first few days we had him he also didn't keep his head on much of the time, thankfully my father fixed him up so the head now at least stays on even if he does have torticullis!

Playing on mommy's bed (the sofa) They can now both climb on and off the sofa so another safe spot is gone. We used to often leave thing out of reach on the sofa much to our darlings frustration, no more though. They have both tumbled off the sofa at various times but still go absolutely wild throwing themselves around and jumping on the sofa when they are up. Needless to say we are trying to discourage them from playing on the sofa.

To be continued......

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