31 Mar 2010


Dropped Z off at the airport this morning, he's off to his beloved Scottish highlands for a bit of a mountain fix. Poor darling hasn't climbed any mountains for over a year and was starting to get very jittery!

While he is off hopefully destressing and rejuvernating (is that even a word?), my mother is here from England to help with the terrible two. The girls and I picked her up from Cologne Airport last night and had an enjoyable run around the airport while we were at it. Apart from the fact that all dogs in the terminal had to flee from the terrible two, Ciara and Enya were surprisingly good. We didn't even have the obligatory rolling around on the floor screaming temper tantrum which has become expected when we venture into public places just recently.

In her luggage my mother brought a very important book which will hopefully give me some guidance on how better to handle Ciara. Right now we are fighting a battle of wills with her and I'm very afraid at present she is winning. Everything we do or say, she tests/pushes the boundaries and it is wearing me down. I don't want to be one of those parents who always is threatening or yelling but right now I feel that is exactly what I am. I'll read the book and then post more on this topic.

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Gretchen said...

I will say that all three of mine went through the same thing for a bit. My only advice would be to stay consistent. Good luck with Ciara and have a great time with your mom!