18 Mar 2010


Today we had our first playgroup session at the local Mother Centre (Mutterzentrum). It is childcare offered once a week for 3 hours run surprisingly not by a professional childminder but by another mom (we had a lovely chat before I entrusted my darlings to her) and her 2 helpers for 7 children. All the children were around the same age which is a huge bonus.

The girls had a ball playing with the other children and didn't miss me at all, I'll take that as a sign that my girls are secure enough in themselves and trust that I will always come back to them. They were happy enough to see me when I came to pick them up but also looked like they had had a fun morning.

I enjoyed the free time and had a wander around the shops (finally a chance to do some shopping with out the accompaniment of whinging). Next week though I'm taking a book and going to have a nice long read in my favourite coffee shop! I'm also planning to leave them there longer, as this week because it was the first time and I wanted to get a feel for the place and people, I only had an hour and half free.

Needless to say Ciara and Enya crashed as soon as we got home and I think, today, it might just be an extra long nap ;0)

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