22 Mar 2010

Sisterly love

As well as the usual sisterly abuse that abounds in our house (isn't sad when the most common words out of Enya's mouth are "naughty sister hit you"- both girls use "you" when they mean themselves) there have been some flashes of sisterly love too.

Today Enya choked on a piece of fruit bar and I landed up laying her over my legs and whacking her on the back to get it out, I asked her if she wanted something to drink. Ciara standing nearby and watching all the action turned around and went to the kitchen and fetched a cup from the table and brought it back to her sister and gave it to her. After Enya had had a swallow, she gave the cup back to Ciara who then took it and put it back on the table, with the comment "cup on table". This interaction was so sweet (and unfortunately so unlike most of the recent interactions between them).

Both girls are also fascinated by tissues since they had that nasty cold last month, if they see a pack of tissues lying around they empty it and then wipe their noses on each tissue one by one before throwing them in the bin (ok throwing them on the floor- I can dream can't I). Today for the first time I saw Ciara wiping Enya's nose, complete with supporting the back of Enya's head to make sure Enya stayed still. Thank goodness Enya thought this was a big joke the 3 times Ciara did it, but methinks we're going to have to start hiding the tissues again!

No photos today as I'm only slowly getting back on my feet after my darling daughters shared their bug with me. A truly nasty tummy bug and having experienced it myself I'm surprised how well both girls handeled it.

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