9 Mar 2010

On the up

So I went out and invested in a disinfectant conditioner so all the bedding and more importantly all Enya's bed companions (the soft and fluffy ones) can be washed. I've also, for the first time, bought hand disinfectant so that we can hopefully keep the eye infection from spreading to Ciara, although the Eye Guy wasn't very optimistic yesterday. Thankfully even with the few doses of eyedrops Enya has had so far, we can already see a huge improvement. No longer copious amounts of green secretions we need to clean away every hour or two, although when she wakes from naps or sleeping her eyelashes are still glued together. The one disadvantage of her disgustingly long eyelashes, they are really difficult to clean properly!

Brighter news is, I've found a weekly play group being run at our local Mother Center. It is on Thursday mornings, children between the ages of 1 and 3 can be dropped off for 3 hours and supervised by a qualified adult while the parent has some time off. Since we've got back from the Kur the girls have been asking me everyday about "grayploop" (their word for play group) as they loved having other kids to play with and really enjoyed the playgroup in the clinic. This bodes well for a successfull Kindergarten start in August, but I was looking for a short term substitute to keep the enthusiasm going in the meantime. I'm going to have a look next week (we have to rearrange the play therapy appointment to allow this) but hopefully it will all go well and the girls will begin the week after. The woman at the Mother Center said that they apparently do lots of singing and crafts during the group as well as that they have a small garden attached where the kids can play outside in the warmer weather.

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