8 Mar 2010

And the next one bites the dust

So we have the next one on antibiotics!

Enya developed a raging eye infection over the weekend and now is on AB eyedrops and eyecream for the next week. I won't post photos of how she looks, just picture Enya with 2 black eyes swollen to slits and with green secretions glueing her eyelashes together. Like I said not a pretty picture! And I won't even describe the what we had to do to get an appointment at the Eye Guy.

In the meantime Ciara and I are feeling much better, although my best friend, Doxy (AB), has a heck of a kick to it- for about an hour after I take it I have to lie down as I'm as nauseous as when I was pregnant with twins.

Continuing that train of thought, I was warned by both the doc and pharmicist that the contraceptive pill doesn't work reliably when taking my AB, so Z and I need to "take extra precautions". I had to smother a grin both times, if only they knew it takes a lot more than AB to get me pregnant!

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