5 Mar 2010

Ciara now leading 2:1

for visits to casualty (ER).

While getting her ready for her bath on Wedensday we noticed she seemed to be blue, not just in her hands and feet but also her lips. We had noticed something similiar a few other times in the past week but wrote it off to bad lighting as by the time we got to better lighting it was always gone. On Wedensday though, the lighting was good and it was very obvious, so hey ho off to the Children's hospital we went. We were seen right into an examination room and had less than a 5 minute wait before the doctor came in! First question out of his mouth after I told our sorry tale was does she have a congenital heart problem, so I had to mention the ASD. His next comment made me laugh though- "but she had a normal post natal development, right?". So then I had to explain the whole micropreemie born at 25 weeks weighing 690g bit.

In the end he said it was just an overreaction of the autonomic nervous system (due to her illness) that caused the blue colouration and was not unusual and to expect her to do it again for the next few days (which she promptly has done). Yet again an overreaction from me, kids really should come with instruction books- with a large diagnosis of error section! Thankfully she is much better though and not at all cranky in comparison to how she has been.

I, on the other hand, have a new best friend called Doxy, as after feeling better for a few days things have gone rapidly downhill. After a horrendous night with the whole left side of my face (especially my teeth) hurting, I have landed up on antibiotics for a sinus infection. The instructions with the AB's was to take things easy which made me laugh (and then wince as all movements hurt right now), but things should get just as rapidly better as they did worse so hopefully I'll get back to happier posting soon.

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