2 Mar 2010


In the end we landed up coming home early from the Kur (it was supposed to end today, we've been home since Saturday), it just wasn't worth the stress anymore. By Thursday I was coming down with a humdinger of a cold/flu and so wasn't able to participate in many of my therapies/activities. Then on Friday Ciara spiked another 40C temperature (3rd illness in 3 weeks) and the decision was made to come home early.

I'm really glad we came home when we did as the last few days have been horrendous with Ciara repeatedly spiking 40+C temperatures and refusing to stay in her bed at nights (me playing baby mattress as Z still wasn't being allowed near her). It is just so much easier to manage everything in our own 4 walls, where we are master of our own timetables and don't have noisy neighbours waking up the sick angels just when we've finally gotten them to sleep.

We did land up seeing our paed yesterday as it had been suggested to me at the Kur clinic if things got worse to get a second medical opinion. While things were not much worse, they were also no better so off to the paed we went- "viral infection" was the diagnosis and "we're doing everything right, just keep on going, it should be better tomorrow".

Ciara of course blew that out the water by throwing such a temp spike last night that we landed up doing cool calf swaddles to try bring her temp down (we had a 2 hour wait before we could give her her next dose of anti pyretic). Today as the day wears on she is creeping up again into the 39C range which means tonight is probably going to be another mess.

I feel an absolute mess too with a sexy deep Marlene voice, a foghorn cough and sinuses 10 seconds before implosion, but hey at least I don't have anyone lying on my chest right now for the first time in days (I managed to convince Ciara to nap in our bedroom without me!).

So in summary: all still sick as dogs but very happy to be home. There really is nowhere as good as home!

PS Enya still surprisingly chirpy with no fever although she too has the foghorn cough. She's also lost her appetite and found a donkeys, which can only be good since both girls have lost about half a "hard fought for" kilo in the last 3 weeks.

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iamza said...

Aw, hope you all feel better soon! Am very glad you're home and out of the way of any stray weather fronts!

Hope Enya and Z manage to avoid this one -- it sounds nasty!