25 Jul 2010

The bees have it in for us

My foot is fine thank you very much, finally. I can't believe it took 3 days for the swelling to go down though.

Of course what made it even better (NOT) is the next day Enya got stung on her foot too. She was playing in the kitchen while I was in the bathroom, when she came through saying her foot hurt. Sure enough when I looked it was swollen and red but I coudn't see any wound on it, I suspected then that she'd been stung but couldn'confirm it until I found the bee lying on the kitchen floor. Thankfully the sting didn't detach from the miserable little blighter so Enya didn't get the full venom dose but she still had a sore and swollen foot for the next day!

At least allergies don't run in our family so we're not too concerned about allergic reactions to beestings!

Party preperations continue in the meantime, we'll have all the usual suspects over as well as my mom this year. Hopefully we'll have good weather so we can celebrate outside again.

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