15 Jul 2010


Going to do this in bullet point form as it's quicker:

-doll blankets are finished (note to self: next time you stay up until one am sewing make sure you have child care arranged for the next day- you're not very nice the "morning after", especially not when your darling oldest daughter wakes up at 5 am wanting to play!)

-prams are ordered and should be arriving at the beginning of next month (mom, the dolls are alredy here and packed away in my cupboard!).

-Enya is finally off her last bottle, she is however now addicted to Ovalmaltine (she hates plain milk in a cup but asks for "chocolate milk" all the time). We didn't want to start with sweet milkshakes but it was either this or fight every morning to get her to drink a cup of milk. The nappy changing pad is GONE. The bottles are GONE. The dummies are GONE. We now have a baby free house!

-boxes make the best toys and they don't cost anything.

-the puddle.jumpers have arrived and are great. I've even taken both girls to the pool by myself with them on. Although I think Ciara and Enya need a bit longer to really trust them as much as they trusted their old swim aids. The photos are from the trial run at home I didn't trust myself to juggle the camera as well as the terrible two at the public pool!

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ugogo said...

Amazing...wow.. and gee whizz aren't they cute!