13 Jul 2010

Hot hot hot!

Quick post.

Remember when I was whinging because we hadn't had a summer yet, well summer came with a vengence! Today we're having a short respite, only 28C, but as of tomorrow we're back into 35+C (95+F)territory. Before anyone remarks about the fact I'm whinging about it being too hot and me a South African at that, let me add it is also very humid and we never had that during a highveld summer (very dry summers there). Plus I now have 2 little girls who most decidedly don't do well in the heat!

Anyway off to finish the 2nd doll blanket... have I mentioned we're having a doll themed birthday this year- only another month to go!

GAAAWW! My babies are going to be 3 in just over a month, the time is flying past!!

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