19 Jul 2010

Glasses update

So apparently we've had the glasses 6 weeks now. How do I know that?

Unfortunately not because I'm a calender obsessed mom but rather we had to take the glasses into be repaired today and the optician asked how it was going given that we've ONLY HAD THEM 6 weeks so far. Enya tried polishing the lenses, I don't know what she used but she got 2 super deep scratches in the lens, so we got a new lens for her. Ciara kept taking her glasses off, complaining they hurt her ears, so we got her a new set of ear pieces in a different design, hoping that will stop this habit. Anyway now that they are all repaired, hopefully we won't need to go back to that shop for a while!

Considering how much I was dreading the glasses they have actually not been that traumatic, Enya demands her glasses in the mornings so I know she really sees much better with them on, Ciara doesn't seem bothered whether she has them on or not. Both girls take their glasses off when tired and both throw them around when they are angry, bored or frustrated. As you can imagine, we've had to search quite a few stores for the glasses as they are quite sneaky about the whole removal and throwing act- I've had to go crawling under fixtures, burrowing into shelves laden with merchandise and rescue them from under other customers feet. The only thing they haven't managed yet is to throw them into water...girls, that is NOT a challenge!!

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iamza said...

Hee, poor mom! Do the girls at least look somewhat penitent as they make you burrow under the shelves, or do they find that amusing? :-)