6 Jul 2010

Craft bug

I got bitten in a big way by the craft bug just recently. The fruits of my labour are....
6 bibs (4 long sleeve, 2 short sleeve). The best thing about them are that the girls now recognise the letters C and E, and know whose name starts with which. The not so good part is we now get all C's and E's pointed out to us when we are out and about, although at least we're getting a break from all taxis and cranes being commented on. I never knew there were so many taxis in Siegen!

a picture for the girls door. If I'd been a bit brighter I'd have painted the letters and then stuck them on, but I was having a dumb day so this picture took almost a week to finish as I had to paint the letters VEEERRRRY CAREFULLY and still had to do touch ups after! Surprisingly Z likes the picture (he is not as fond of rainbow coloured things as I am, so I'm going to hang it as a name sign on the door.

Kitchen cupboard, this was a spur of the moment project on the weekend. I was sick and tired of the box with the toy kitchen implements in our kitchen so I made them their own kitchen cupboard. Unfortunately not everything fits in it and I still need to paint it but it does mean that the box now only has the toy food supplies in it.

Of course I'm still trying desperately to finish the last duvet cover, somehow the enthusiasm is really hard to get up this time round! Oh well 3 butterflies down and another 8 to go.

Last but not least another summer shot because we are still enjoying a good stretch of summer weather. Long may it last!

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iamza said...

Did the puddlejumpers arrive yet?