21 Jul 2010

Litle nurses

Having grown up in South Africa, I'm used to wandering around at home barefoot. I still prefer being barefoot to wearing shoes even in these colder climes (in winter I will wear thick socks though). Being the super concious mother that I am, Ciara and Enya spend most of their days barefoot too (no it's not only because I'm too lazy to put their shoes on, it is better for the development of their feet to go barefoot-REALLY!!).

Today I was doing my usual, hanging up the washing outside and the girls were once again watering the garden with the water from the paddling pool, when I stepped on a bee. OUCH!! I forgot how much it hurts, a swear word or two may even have spilled from my lips while I was shaking my foot trying to get rid of the bee. Enya started crying saying "mommy's got an owwie", I mean real tears and everything, she is a very sensitive soul. Ciara started to head indoorsvery concerned, telling me "mommy wash"-her interpretation of us washing their scraped knees etc. is that water cures all hurts . I limped over to the paddling pool to stick my foot in the (barely there) cold water, thankfully that did do the trick and numbed the sting a bit.

Once the pain died down I went back to hanging the rest of the washing up but C and E kept buzzing around all concerned about me. My darling daughters/nurses even proceeded to wash my legs and feet down with cold water. Enya kept wrapping my foot up in a wet cloth, it's just a pity she kept wrapping the wrong foot;0). I even scored a couple of kisses for my poor foot!

I should add at this stage they are fascinated with plasters, bandages and germo.lene, all hurts need germo.lene and a "Nemo" (I made the mistake of buying plasters with Nemo fish on!) even if it's just a knock. Any and all cloth (be it face clothes or items of clothing) gets wrapped around their arms as a bandage, while they tell me in all earnestness about their imagined injury. I sometimes wonder if I'm raising a pair of hypochondriacs!

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