15 Jan 2010

Bottles gone, dummies not so much

As previously mentioned Ciara no longer gets a bottle and I'm overjoyed the time of bottle washing is nearly over*.

Unfortunately Ciara still gets her dummy when she goes to bed. We had completely weaned her off the dummy after our holiday in Turkey last year but while I was away in Houston at the end of the year she was ill and not sleeping well so got her dummy to comfort her. Since then she won't go to sleep unless she has AT LEAST 2 dummies (one in her mouth and one in her hand). She is really good about giving them to us as soon as we come in to the room to take her out the cot when her sleep is over, but is also very insistent on having her dummies as soon as she is in her cot. We even leave them in easy reach of the kids during the day and they both know where they are, however they leave them mostly alone until it's " 'leeping time".

*Thankfully both Ciara and Enya like giving and receiving cuddles so giving up bottles doesn't mean I have to give up cuddling with them in my lap, otherwise they may still have been bottlefed when they went to school!

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