7 Jan 2010

one of those days...

... where you just want to go back to bed!

It started at 4:30am when I got up to take my sister to the airport (normally an hour drive away) and looked outside to see it had snowed again overnight. That in itself is not too bad but that the snowploughs hadn't been out yet was. The Autobahn (motorway) was at least ploughed (a single lane) and people were all being sensible, driving at 80-90km/h compared to the usual 140-160km/h so that was a positive.

The drive home was better as by then the ploughs had been out in force although it was still a slow drive (one and a half hours), this meant I was late getting home and due to the snow I still had to take Z into work- our second car doesn't have winter tyres. We got a call shortly after I arrived to say that my sister is sitting fast in the airport as her flight had been cancelled, she was hoping to get out on a later flight by another airline. Thankfully she had booked her flight out of London to the States for tomorrow so she still has a bit of leeway but still. I couldn't even go and take her into Cologne for the rest of the time as C and E had an appointment this morning and after it's too late. Therapy went well with C and E but after I thought I'd just pop into the shops to see if I could find winter boots for Enya. While reversing into a parking space I nudged the car behind me- no damage but I left my info with the other driver (I've also taken pictures of the other car showing there is no damage). In the stress after the accident I forgot to put the parking ticket onto the dashboard so when I returned to the car after a unsuccessful shoe shopping expedition I had a parking ticket.

On the way home the girls then fell asleep in the car despite my best efforts. As usual, as soon as I tried to get them out the car after we got home, they woke up. Enya settled right down back to sleep when I got her into bed but Ciara screamed for about an hour before finally settling down. Before anyone thinks I'm mean she was exhausted but just couldn't settle.

Z is going to have to work late tonight because he started so late this morning, but for the last few days the girls have been impossible from about 4pm as they are hungry and tired- we've been putting them down around 6pm. This means I'm going to have to drag them dressed in their PJ's and very cranky to fetch Z as we have no babysitter.

And I'm also feeling very weary after my early morning so YES I want to go back to bed!

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