14 Jan 2010

Re the no shouting challenge

Oops forgot to update about this....

I didn't quite make it for 30 days with absolutely no shouting, but it has dramatically reduced. One thing that has become crystal clear to me in this time is that when I don't get at least 8 hours sleep at night I become very irritable and it's harder to rein the shouting back. So I'm now trying to do early nights.

THe girls on the other hand still need 12 hours overnight and are down to one nap during the day (usually around 2 hours long when the blasted neighbours don't go stamping up the stairs that goes right outside their window). I'm dreading them giving up this nap as it is right now my only chance to catch up on blogs, housework and reading.

Last but not least does anyone have a good recipe for getting kids to eat veggies- it is incredibly (and unfortunately increasingly) difficult to get Ciara to eat any veg at all and I'd love a few new ideas to play around with.

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