18 Jan 2010

Snowy Sunday

We tried sledding already last year but at that stage the girls were in retrospect too young. This year it went much better although the weather was not as good. We were supposed to have heavy snowfall overnight between Saturday and Sunday, which in the event didn't happen, but we still stuck with our plan to go sledding again on Sunday. Unfortunately when we finally got to the ski and sledding area (about 45min drive from home) it started to rain but having driven all that way we weren't just going to turn around and go home.
The less steep skiing slope

After renting our sleds the rain had pretty much died down, so off we went to the sledding slope. The girls are now able to sit unsupported on the sleds and we could pull them along behind us, much easier than trying to carry them especially now that they weigh so much more. We joined a surprisingly short queue for the lift to the top of the sledding slope, the girls were fascinated and kept refering to the lift as a train and making toot toot noises (Lift was on a track and little 4 seater cars on it). The slope was as steep as I remembered it and I once again opted for the alternative slope which in the end was even steeper as it has a new end route. Z of course went barreling down the main slope with Ciara laughing the whole way down. We thn swopped daughters and I walked halfway up the slope with Ciara while Z did the main slope in it's entirity with Enya. At this point it really began throwing it down (sleeting) so we retired to the bistro by the renting office and had a leisurely drink there while the girls ran around madly, having a ball. We then decided the weather wasn't going to get any better so we packed up and went home. Hopefully we'll get another chance to go sledding agin this year as both girls really enjoy it.
Z and his sledding girls

Unfortunately we've discovered that the windy Wittgensteiner roads do not agree at all with Enya and after a puke fest we were very glad to finally get home. This does not bode well for the 5-6 hour drive I have alone with the girls next month- most of it will be on the Autobahn but some of it will be on windy back roads too. Yesterday Z was able to sit in the back and see to Enya but next month I'll be alone.

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