11 Jan 2010

Snow chaos

From about Wedensday last week we were being warned about the low pressure system Daisy and the havoc she was going to wreak last Saturday. People were advised to stock up essentials and not to leave their houses, they even had an hour special report on TV about what was expected. Needless to say the expected snow chaos did not arrive for most of us (it did hit a few parts of northern Germany), although we did get a light dusting of snow.

The fresh snow was however very appealing, so much so that on Sunday we went for a lovely walk in the forest with friends. Our friends had a sled for their daughter that was big enough that all 3 girls could fit on so off we wandered pulling the girls behind us. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera as it was really cute (which reminds me I have to recharge the batteries), not least when the girls (one or all) fell off the sled. Enya again refused to keep her mitts on and then kept crying everytime her hands got snow on. Ciara, kept walking in the opposite direction from that we were going, if she wasn't on the sled and both girls had a meltdown at the Forest coffee house when we stopped for a bite to eat and a cup of something hot. Despite all this and the final meltdown when we got to the car and frozen fingers and feet started thawing, the day was fun and may even be repeated (someday). The final meltdown even ended quickly when I covered Enya with my coat to warm her up, and tickled her head (she's her mothers child-she loves her hair being stroked). It was really cute as both girls kept saying "tickle" everytime I attempted to stop during the drive home, so I landed up tickling both girls all the way home after our walk. Numb arms to match their numb fingers!

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