20 Jan 2010

Decisions decisions....

Z and I want to keep the girls in their cots for a bit longer as we both feel once they are in their toddler beds it's going to be difficult to get them to stay there, BUT yesterday I must have fished them 3 times out of a cot. Yup, they have learnt how to climb into their cots!

It all started when we went to Muenster over New Years to visit S and T with their two older boys (3 and 5 [+one on the way;0)]). They still have a cot in the boys room and all 4 kids delighted in climbing from Linus's (one of the boys) bed into the cot and out again. They must have been at for about half an hour, laughing the whole time.

Fast forward 3 weeks and the terrible two are using their chairs to get over the side of the cot (I haven't actually caught them in the act to see exactly how they land on the other side) and I'll find them both laughing and jumping around, usually in Enya's cot. I believe the only reason they haven't tried climbing out the cot yet is because their room is very dark at night and during nap time.

Which brings me to the title of this post, do we convert to toddler beds already, knowing that we are probably going to have a battle to keep them in their beds. Or do we wait a bit longer until they start potty training (hopefully this spring) and run the risk that they actually climb out their cots? Decisions decisions indeed!

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Jamie said...

Better to climb in than out! Personall I'm leaving mine in the cribs as long as possible.