22 Jan 2010


This morning while changng Ciara's nappy I was summoned by increasingly frantic crys from Enya to their bedroom. She'd climbed up the side of Ciara's cot and was now balanced precariously on top and too scared to go either forwards or back down. I must add here yesterday they were using their chairs to get high enough to get their legs over- I took the chairs away, so instead they used their bobby cars, I took them away so then they started using their rocking snail- what can I say they were determined!

My compromise was to take a couple of bars out from each cot side so they can now get in without climbing up and over. Of course later this morning I got a 4 minute video (I wish I knew how to load video up so you could all appreciate it) of them climbing up over the cot side, launching themselves into the cot and then crawling out through the opening on the other side. Rinse lather and repeat. Who needs a playground!!

The bars will go back in for naps and night time so hopefully this will enable us to keep the cots for a bit longer. I live in hope!!

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