28 Jan 2010

Too much praise?

We (ok I) tend to always try verbal positive reinforcements for new actions or achievements. For example if the girls do what I tell them or perform a new skill, it is usually followed by a "well done C or E, you did good" (no nitpicking about the bad grammer ;0)). I think I may have been overdoing it though...

.. last night after the girls' bath we had a quick session of stand up, sit down, lie down, jump on the spot. Do you also play this game, it's a precursor to Simon says? Anyway both girls were really good about doing the actions described, so of course they got lots of praise.

Fast forward about an hour to after dinner time but still too early to go to bed and they were allowed as a rare treat to sit down on the couch and watch some TV (TV is the treat, sitting on the couch is an everyday event ;0)). Ciara decided to jump around on the sofa and got told off as she was bouncing on to Enya. She then, watching my expression, bounced some more and then she started clapping her hands and came out with "well done Ciara, well done" grinning all the while. I know I shouldn't have laughed but it was so unexpected and at the same time so appropriate that I couldn't help myself.

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iamza said...

Heeheehee, jumping bean!