13 Jan 2010


What we won't be seeing again (I hope).
Yup, Ciara has not had a bottle in 3 days and I'm going to do my utmost to ensure she doesn't get one again!! She is drinking like a champion from a cup, so long as we supervise her closely so that she doesn't get a chance to knock it across the table. Unfortunately Enya doesn't drink enough from a cup for us to get rid of her morning bottle. The 300ml of milk she drinks from her bottle is pretty much all she drinks at all, she will only take one or two sips, if at all, when a cup is offered. I can't wait to be rid of these blasted bottles forever!!

My darling oldest daughter thought she would give me a hand this morning while I was in the shower and very kindly loaded the washing machine for me.
No your eyes are not deceiving you, it is full of clean fresh disposable nappies. She then very nicely helped me by unloading the nappies again, although I had to put them away;0).


iamza said...

well, you know, clean nappies can be even cleaner if you just wash them first... :-D

Has Ciara grown even more since last week??

iamza said...

P.S. Owl City are playing in Koln in Feb!

Gloria Theater
Apostelnstrasse 11 50667
Cologne, DE


Just a thought... :-)

La La said...

They are just adorable. Cracking up that she put diapers in the washer for ya. Gotta love how they keep you on your toes. ;0)