13 May 2008

bad day

After a fantastic long weekend (aren't we spoilt in Germany and we get another one next week!) today has been hellish.
I've put Enya to bed after she drank only 30ml and ate 2 spoons of food- she just kept refusing anymore! Normally we aim for 130ml of formula and at least 50g of food. This refusing is sadly getting more and more common and I'm at my wits end about what I can do. Z keeps telling me not to flip out but he's not home dealing with this all day. I worry that if I force the issue I'm just going to make everything even worse but if I don't try and get her to drink/eat more she will fall even futher behind her sister than she already has. As it is she is only putting between 50 and 100g a week on (100g is a very good week!!)
I'm just so sick and tired of always worrying!!

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Cathy said...

I know how you feel. It's hard when they won't eat.

Could she be teething? I've heard that they can start refusing food when they're teething.

Don't compare her to her sister. I know, I'm guilty of it too. But they'll grow and develop at their own rates. It will balance out in time.