19 May 2008

Busy busy

We went to visit my father in law this weekend, although the main purpose of the visit was to introduce Ciara and Enya to Z's grandmother. Oma is a grand old lady of 87, still quite fit and mentally all there. She has loads of other great grandchildren but they are all quite a bit older. The visit went well although I couldn't get a photo of her with them as she didn't want to hold them (she hates photos of herself). It is a 2 hour drive to the little village in Hunsruck where she lives with her daughter (also a twin ;-)) and thankfully we had a good journey, although we must have the only children in the world that don't sleep in the car.

By the time we left the Oma, 2 hours later they were overtired and therefore very irritable. We then drove to my father in law who has just opened a restuarant with Z's brother. I hadn't seen it yet as they were renovating when the girls were born so it was great to see it and the food there was fantastic. We spent the night in Z's childhood home which was a bit of a shock for him as with the restuarant, renovations and the fact Z's brother is moving back in, it was a mess. From what I can gather Z's mom was a fantastic housekeeper but she unfortunately died the year before we got married after a long illness and it is hard for Z to see what has happened to her beloved house in the meantime.

Idiots that we are, we forgot to pack the baby phone, which meant we had to keep running upstairs to check on the girls after we had put them down to sleep. Good for the figure but not so good for having a relaxing meal together. I was surprised though, the girls only woke once, after we finally got them to sleep (last weekend away they were taking it in turns to wake every hour, on the hour). This all bodes well for our holiday at the end of the month!!

Then this morning we had to take Enya for an EEG check which all went very well, although the neurologist did say she is delayed. According to her, at 5 and a half months, Enya should be making some attempt to crawl!?! or at least to propel herself on her tummy backwards. I was expecting that but at the same time it still is a bit hard to hear. Ciara did this for the first time last week but hasn't done it since.

Lots of appointments to get through this week still, hopefully they will all be at least as positive (more so would be preferred). Got to go Ciara is screaming her head off- she doesn't want to nap.

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Cathy said...

Ok, I'll admit, Andrew is making attempts to crawl. Kid is mobile.

But at 5 1/2 months? Daniel isn't doing squat on his tummy. I just got him lifting his head on his tummy. He's not going anywhere anytime soon. So if you're delayed, then so are we. They'll catch up. Don't let it bug you.

Glad you had a good weekend - and good luck at your appointments!