27 May 2008

film day

Enya and I had our moment in the spotlight today and I'm happy to report that she didn't behave herself.

During the first 3 appointments with the Speech Therapist (SLT) Enya drank wonderfully, it was only at the last 2 appointments where she showed her usual difficult behaviour. I'm sure initially the SLT thought I was exaggerating how bad it gets until he tried to feed her himself when she was being difficult. I was worried that Enya was going to be as good as gold this morning (showing me up so to say)but it was a feed straight from hell. I only managed to get 60mls of milk down her and then to round it off nicely she only ate 5 spoons of solids, whinging and protesting the whole time. This is after me saying she has no problem with solids at all. They (ESKB advisers) are now going to evaluate the tape and we then have a feedback session in 2 weeks time. I really hope they come up with some good tips as I feel the situation is deteriorating rapidly.

Ciara in the meantime is on the move, I can no longer leave her on the mat and know she'll be there when I get back. The only good thing is when she moves off the mat onto the tiles she usually starts screaming because it is too cold (my girls are like me and prefer things a bit warmer, be it food,weather or the tiles under them), thereby warning me she's on the move again.

Z has started packing for our holiday on Friday, needless to say I haven't even thought about what to pack for me and the girls. I think the first holiday with the babies is going to be a huge learning experience, I'm just grateful we've got a car with a big boot as I think we'll need it. We're even leaving the monster pram at home to save space, instead we're borrowing a single buggy and taking 2 slings for easy transporting.


Cathy said...

I hope they can figure out what to do about Enya!

Mobility. It's a crazy thing, isn't it? :)

Oh, and now that we're onto the more colorful foods, I thought I'd let you know that our normal detergent (the brand is All, and it's dye- and scent- free) seems to be getting all the food stains out, no special treatment. I've also heard that soaking in Oxyclean from right after the stain occurs until whenever you'd normally do laundry works wonders.

Of course, we're starting prunes today. I wonder if it will work on purple splodges?

Cathy said...

P.S. I gave you a blog award, check mine for details :)