15 May 2008

Go Enya

Unbelievable I know but true. Enya rolled over from her back to her tummy yesterday!! And I saw it!! I had laid her down in her sisters bed as I wanted to get Ciara up and as I watched she rolled onto her side and then on to her tummy. She did it properly too, with her legs flexed (Ciara still tries to do it over extension-she's my little banana baby;-)). I'll admit that Enya had an itsy bitsy bit of help as the blanket was a bit bunched up behind her so she rolled sort of downhill but still... MY PIXIE ROLLED (and she rolled before Ciara- that'll teach me to try and predict!!)

On the drinking front, it remains difficult but at least we got 500ml down her yesterday. I'm trying to be more relaxed about everything and giving her more rice cereal so she at least gets the 500ml of formula in her even if it isn't being drunk. I also have a bottle with fennel tea which I'll keep offering her when she's awake. Unfortunately both girls have been loathe to accept anything except milk, and Enya not even milk always.

Jana (a very good friend) came over to watch them after their dinner last night so Z and I could go out together for the first time in months. This was all very spur of the moment as Jana didn't want to babysit until the monitor was gone but since Tuesday we aren't using the monitor anymore. No more torture machine, GO ENYA!!

We went to the movies and saw a german film called Keinohrhase (no ear rabbit) it was hysterical and best of all featured my favourite german actor Til Schweiger. There are quite a few really good german movies around but they never dub them into english- I don't understand this!

Anyway time to go and terrorise my daughters with another bout of Vojta

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Cathy said...

Go Enya!

Hitting milestones is so exciting. It's that glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. One day these kids will walk, talk, and feed themselves. While we sit on the couch and eat bon-bons :)

You went OUT? I'm so jealous :)