8 May 2008

Excuses and general update

Really battling right now to find time to post. The girls are coming out of their sleeping phase but we haven't gone in to an eating phase yet unfortunately. This means although we're still fighting to get 500ml of formula/day down, we have time for play now.

Ciara is rolling onto her side from her back, so hopefully she will be rolling onto her tummy sometime in the next few weeks. Enya has also rolled onto her side a few times but as is often the case she is a couple of weeks behind Ciara. We don't begrudge her this, we are just so happy with how well she is doing- after a grade 3 intraventricular bleed with bleeding into the brain tissue it could have been a whole different story. I can't describe how proud I am of my little pixie. She is such a happy little baby, they both are really.

We had another doctors appointment yesterday, this time with our paediatrician. He is very pleased with Ciara and Enya's development saying that they will probably be a little delayed but that they should walk (!?!). He wants to keep following them up every 2 months so we can stop the Vojta therapy when it is no longer neccessary. I again stressed to him how much we all dislike Vojta, unfortunately he does not believe Bobath therapy can offer them much at this stage, so we have about another 4-5 months of Vojta ahead of us!

Other than that the sun has been shining for the last few days so we have been out enjoying the early summer weather. I'm trying to get a little fitter before we go on holiday at the end of the month as I know Z will drag me out for lots of walks- I'm really looking forward to this! We are also looking for a lightweight twin stroller as our present pram takes up the whole boot and is therefore not practical for our holiday (we're driving to the dutch north coast-about 5 hours drive away). Any recommendations for strollers are welcome! It must be lightweight, fold up small, be able to recline the backrests and comfortable (and avaliable in Germany). Please help!!

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Cathy said...

Daniel just rolled from back to tummy the other day! It's so exciting when they start doing it, isn't it? Except now he tries to roll off the changing table!

We have the Combi Twin Savvy. It's a side by side, really light for a double, and folds up to be the size of a golf bag. Seats recline really deeply (not flat, but not far off!). They think it's super comfy. Not sure if you can get it in Germany, but it is the lightest and smallest folding we could find. The only thing is you'll need to buy some other sort of sunshade for it, the sunshades aren't any good if you have the seats really reclined. (But you'll find that about most strollers, from what I've heard.)