20 May 2008

a first I could do without

I really could have done without this: we had our first accident today. I was cleaning Enya's eye this afternoon (now turns out it's a blocked tear duct, not conjunctivitis) and she fell from the changing table onto the floor. Thankfully apart fom a cut lip she was not injured but it scared me half to death. I literally just turned away to wet the cloth and when I turned back she was lying on the floor screaming. She landed on her tummy thankfully, I had just tested her yesterday and she now has the protective extension of the arms (a reflex) when falling forwards which I think helped prevent more serious injuries. The worst thing about it is I'm usually so aware of the danger of falling and have been known to lecture Z for laying one of the girls on the changing mat and moving away, but I was the one responsible for this fall.
It is also ironic considering our conversation with the neurologist yesterday about Enya's lack of mobility (she hasn't made any attempt to roll since that first time in the cot)that she some how managed to propel herself off the changing table, as our paediatrician said: she just wanted to show us that she can move!
On a slightly more cheerful note, another first today was that Ciara pulled her first plug out a socket. I definitely need to start childproofing our flat, we never got round to it before the girls arrived. Ciara has propelled herself off the mat a couple of times and is constantly rolling onto her side and stretching out to reach things that nrmally would be out of reach, it won't be long before she'll be into everything.

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Cathy said...

Oh no! I'm glad she's ok. I'm always terrified one of ours is going to do that - they've come SO CLOSE.

Good thing babies are resilient, eh?