29 May 2008

Quick update

The past few days have been hectic trying to get everything ready before we go on holiday tomorrow (in about 8 hours we're leaving- must go to bed after writing this post!).

We've had an appointment everyday this week including the dreaded eye appointment on Wedensday. I'm happy to report that the retinas are looking good with both girls (both had ROP, although Enya had to be lasered), they have no squints and they are focusing and tracking as befitting their actual age i.e. 9 months. The bad news is, poor little Enya can't catch a break, a few weeks ao I wrote that she had conjunctivitis, it turns out it isn't conjunctivitis but she has a tear duct that is still sealed. Tears accumulate above the blockage and keep getting infected. This is apparently common with preemies and often resolves within the first year, if it doesn't resolve by August the opthamologist will have to poke it open which would need to be done under general anaesthetic. I don't need to say we really hope this is not necessary.

on that note I'm off to bed and will only post again after out holiday, thatmeans next weekend. Hope you all have a fantastic week!

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