5 May 2008

Long weekend over

I love May as we usually get at least 2-3 public holidays. 1st of May is a public holiday here, which for some reason is associated with vandalism and riots. We however had a wonderful long weekend, even if poor Z had to go to work on Friday.

I took a complete break from physio for 4 days and only restarted today. I think both the girls and I needed the break as when we restarted this morning there wasn't a lot of screaming from anyone.

I also got a sweet film of them this morning chatting and laughing at each other- this is the first time they have really interacted with each other where no one else has been encouraging them. I will try post it later, when I work out how to do it. W

We also had a fantastic weekend away in Muenster visiting friends. They also have 2 young children so the set up was very baby friendly, they even had a cot we could use (not much space in the boot for luggage with our monster pram in there). On Sunday we spent the day in the zoo which was interesting but also very wearing as the girls were too curious about their surroundings to sleep and by the end of the visit were very crotchety. Like I said interesting experiment but not one that will be repeated in the near future!

Today we had our postponed SLT session, for once Enya didn't behave herself, so the SLT finally got to see what a "real" feed is like. Funny, this time we get to go back in 2 weeks. I think he finally believes me that Enya has a problem with drinking. He also recommended that we go for a feeding assessment by the behavioral team (no idea what their official job title is in English as I only know the acronym, ESKB, in German), so we get to add another appointment to our calender this month. We also got to try out a small beaker for those days when she flat out refuses the bottle. He got her to drink about 5mls from the beaker, but when I tried she kept bringing her hands up to help and getting too much at once, so it all dribbled out. I think this is a case of practice makes perfect, at least she is getting a head start on drinking from a cup!

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