24 May 2008

Zoo times two

top: Z with Ciara
below: Enya

Thursday was a public holiday again in our neck of the woods (have I mentioned how much I love May in Germany, our 3rd long weekend this month!) so we went to the zoo with the girls and friends.

This time we went to Dortmund Zoo which was fantastic, if a little hard to find. Once you are in the zoo you spend most of the day walking amongst trees which makes it feel as if you are in the countryside. It's beautifully laid out with the enclosures interspersed with open areas. My only criticism would be some of the enclosures are a bit small, but they are planning new enclosures so hopefully that will change. The girls were really good again, although they only really slept when we had them in the sling. Note to self borrow another sling before we go on holiday next week! My favourite was the orangutaungs, the girls are however still too young to take any notice of the animals. This is not a bad thing as it means we get to do all the zoos again next year ;-)

Then yesterday we had the long dreaded ESKB appointment. The advisors come from the psychology branch and advise parents how to handle common behavioural problems (see I'm not alone!). After a nice chat with them I agreed to come in and let them film me feeding Enya to see what they can suggest to get her more interested in drinking her bottles. They said the goal is to not have a bottle feed longer than 15 min otherwise the babies get bored and lose all interest in drinking. Given the fact that Enya refuses to suck this should be interesting!

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iamza said...

They are so adorable! I love the little hats. And Enya looks so very chuffed... :-)