21 May 2008

The day after

I did not sleep at all well last night. I kept reliving the moment where I turned back to the changing mat and it was empty! Enya is back to her usual smiley self, even her lip isn't swollen anymore but it'll take me a while to get over the shock, horror and anger with myself.
Enough self flagellation (sp?), we got kicked out of speech therapy today. My friend that usually babysits Ciara while Enya has speech therapy had to work today so I took both girls to the appointment. He was running over a half an hour late which I didn't appreciate (you try sitting in a full waiting room with 2 hungry 9/6 month old babies and see if you enjoy it!) Not fun I promise you, especially when another child keeps trying to give them dirty toys to chew on.
Anyway to cut a long story short, when he eventually called us I handed him Enya to feed and got busy with Ciara, he had up till today never tried to feed Enya. He got a grand total of 40mls of formula in to Enya in 45 mins (we normally manage 130ml in 15 mins when we press on the teat) before he gave up and believe me she was hungry before he started. She did her usual refusing/fighting display after she got bored with this whole drinking lark (took 20 mins), so he finally got to see and experience the reason why we press on the teat.
At the end of the session he said she has the ability to suck, she is just lazy. We've spoilt her, you see! Hopefully the behavioural therapists (ESKB people) will be more help on Friday. In the meantime we have made the teat holes into slits so she gets more milk out when she sucks to encourage her, but hopefully not so much that she drowns.
I can't say I'm sorry to drop SLT as I don't think he was helping anyway, I'm beginning to wonder if anyone is going to be able to help us! Maybe I should just concentrate on getting her to drink from the sippy cup.

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La La said...

How scary! I know it must feel awful, as a parent, to not be able to protect your children from every little thing - but try not to beat yourself up about it. You can't be there fore every bump and bruise no matter what, but you would be if you could and THAT is what makes you a great mommy.