26 May 2008

Happy 6 months adjusted Ciara and Enya

I can't believe that if they had been born full term they would now be 6 months old. I knew pretty much from the start of my 2nd trimester that we would not go full term but I had hoped for 34 weeks (my OB hoped for 32 weeks). In the end we didn't even get that but it was enough.

Ciara celebrated by waking up at 2am and refusing to go back to sleep, she was wide awake and wanted to be entertained. We tried giving her bottle but even after she drank her full, she refused to go back to sleep. Unfortunately Ciara and Enya share a room and she was so loud she was disturbing Enya's sleep. In desperation we eventually left her to sleep in the lounge and went back to bed ourselves. We could hear her happily playing by herself until we fell asleep, she must have fallen asleep herself, because the next we heard from her was at 6am when she woke us all up again.

Today, despite a mega physio session, she has not slept much so this doesn't give me a lot of hope for tonight.

Enya in the meantime celebrated by cracking the 6 kilo mark (by 10 grams, I'm glad I weighed her before she peed!) and by sitting for the first time. We had to put her in the postioin but she then held the position for about a minute. We have however been advised by our physio not to practice sitting- she should bring herself into the sitting position (after she starts crawling). Before this time she does not have the muscle strength in arms and back to hold this position safely. Has anyone else heard of this?

PS Ciara has almost cracked 7 and a half kilos!!

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Cathy said...

Yay for weight gain!

I practice sitting with Andrew all the time. My PT said to hold them sitting upright in our laps, and that's good for them. I dunno, he pulls himself up to sitting if he has something in front to hold onto (like my hands), so letting go is really just an extension of what he's already doing ...