13 Jun 2008

End in sight

I didn't say anything about this before but before we left for our holiday we received a copy of the report from our last neurodevelopmental assessment. I initially got a bit upset but after rereading it I just had to laugh. The doctor was very pleased with Enya, writing she was on track for her corrected age. Ciara on the otherhand she wrote was about 6 weeks behind (at about 3 months when her corrected age was 4 and a half). The problem was the problems she'd noted I could catagorically say Ciara had achieved/mastered (eg stated she wasn't opening her left fist when lying on her tummy, was only starting to grasp items:BS!!). The time they spend looking at the babies is too short, they can't get a good idea of the babies abilities and then they write these letters which go in the medical records and they are completely inaccurate. OK, getting off my high horse now.

Anyway today we had our first physio session since our holiday and to say that the physio was surprised is no exaggeration! She was pleased with Enya but said Ciara has made a huge leap forward in the last 2 weeks. Some of her actions when lying on her tummy was at 7 and a half to 8 month level (including how she is manipulating and grasping toys!). Mrs W. also said that she was doing so well that when Ciara starts to pull herself forward on her tummy she will no longer need physio!!

Go Ciara go!!


Cathy said...


It's always so nice to know when you'll be able to ditch this kind of stuff. I hope she starts doing it soon!

La La said...

Yay for the progress and boo on the doctors. I'd be POed too, they don't spend the time with them that you do, you would think they would ask you before writing stuff like that!

iamza said...

Whee! That is GREAT news!!