10 Jun 2008

Raspberries & rolls

Couldn't post yesterday as Z hijacked my computer. His fancy dancy expensive work laptop keeps losing the network so he needed my old cheapo to do his work. Who says it has to be expensive to be good!

Ciara rolled 3 times yesterday that I know of, twice where I saw her from beginning to final tummy down position. Obviously writing that Enya was beating her on the rolling stakes spurred her to new heights, or at least to roll over anyway.

She has also started blowing raspberries which I find completely adorable. Out of the blue yesterday morning I heard this brrrr and she was making raspberries at her worm! Enya has expanded her vocabulary from aaaah and oooh to hewl and I've heard a huba from her once or twice. She has even started smacking her lips together, not that she is eating any better unfortunately.

It seems in the last week they have both made a big leap forward, I'm glad I can be with them everyday as they seem to be growing up before our eyes. I know everybody always says that about children and I'd worry if ours didn't but this first year is going so fast!

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Aren't the raspberries adorable? Cracks me up, still.

And YAY for rolling!