29 Jun 2008


Our visitor has gone and we now have a break for almost a month before our next batch are due. This year we've obviously made it onto the place to visit list. Babies will do that for you, I suppose.

We have had super weather and the girls have been splashing in their little pool, I love being able to spend time outside with them. We've also recieved the most beautiful summer outfits for them to wear so it had better stay warm and sunny!!

On the eating front things are progressing, Enya seems to be over her last little hiccup and after putting on only 90g in 3 weeks has put on 200g in 4 days- long may it last. Unfortunately avocado remains on the "will not eat" list but we are starting them on baby rusks and the german equivalent of cheerios. Enya even fed herself (with assistance loading the spoon from me) this morning, she kept grabbing the spoon and wouldn't let me bring it to her mouth. She landed up covered in fruit and yoghurt, but she really enjoyed it and that is what is important. I want her to have good associations with eating!

Tonight is European championships final: Germany against Spain, needless to say we will be watching and shouting for Germany. Wish our team luck!

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Cathy said...

You're so popular these days! Or, your children are, at least!

Glad you've been having fun and the eating is picking up nicely for you!

Ahh, covered in fruit and yogurt. Yes, that yogurt is a messy business!